Talks and Posters | Sep 2020 - Community of Users virtual conference

On 28 September, Provenance was invited to participate in the “infodemic” session during the virtual conference “Human and societal aspects of the pandemic and beyond: domestic violence, child sexual abuse, infodemic”, organized by the Community of Users on Secure, Safe and Resilient Societies (CoU) on 29 September.

In their presentation on Provenance, Dr Eileen Culloty (DCU) and Dr Bilal Yousuf (TCD) explained how Provenance can be used to help audiences identify disinformation and source reliable information. 

The CoU is a European Commission initiative that provides a platform to share information across Member States and brings together the latest policy and research developments to enhance resilience against threats ranging from natural disasters to crime and terrorism. In the context of Covid-19, the virtual conference had a specific focus on disinformation and the so-called 'infodemic' of unreliable information. 

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