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NTT Data Spain (based in Madrid, Spain) is part of NTT Data, multinational IT large industry that offers its clients comprehensive business solutions covering all aspects of the value chain, from business strategy through to systems implementation. It is active in most economic sectors including the public sector, healthcare, telecoms, banking, industry, insurance, media, and Utilities. NTT Data was established in Spain in 1996 as DMR Consulting; it's name until October 2006. It started operating in Spain with the opening of an office in Madrid and Barcelona, soon followed by expansion in Europe and Latin America. At present, the company has offices in Spain, Brussels, Lisbon, Milan, Rome, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bogotá. Currently, NTT Data has over 19,000 employees in 27 offices in 16 countries and its annual turnover is 1,030 Million Euro. In January 2014, NTT Data Spain became part of NTT Data group, which enables everis to offer a wider range of solutions and services through increased capacity as well as technological, geographical, and financial resources, establishing the 5th largest worldwide ICT Company integrated by more than 110,000 employees and with presence in 50 countries

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