News | Provenance Consortium Partner Newswhip profiled for tackling Covid-19 infodemic

11 March 2021 13:21

Provenance Consortium Partner Newswhip has been profiled in the Irish Times for the role they are playing in helping identify and track both misinformation and disinformation worldwide. 

Part of this work involves their role in the Provenance project where they are collaborating with other partners to collect and identify problematic content in multiple languages, but they are also supporting other organisations such as the World Health Organisation in tackling Covid-19 related misinformation. 

From the Irish Times, quoting Newswhip CEO Paul Quigley:

Among its NGO clients are Amnesty International, Médecins Sans Frontières, and lately, the WHO. The sector has the potential to become a more important part of NewsWhip’s business. “Over 20 per cent of new business came from NGOs, universities, international organisation and even agencies doing anti-misinformation work. We’ve become a supplier in a big way to people at the front lines."

“To be supporting an organisation like WHO, arguably the most important organisation in the world at the moment doing critical work with the pandemic, is fantastic for NewsWhip, and demonstrates the value in our technology and our strategy. It is also so rewarding to feel that we’re playing some part in tackling one the biggest issues that the modern world has faced,” says NewsWhip’s commercial director Greg Keane.

“Organisations like WHO have multiple tools, but NewsWhip’s real-time data, predictive insights and innovative crisis and research dashboards provide unique value to support their work on monitoring and researching crisis, and we were lucky enough to win their business and support their Africa regional teams based on this, in a highly competitive industry that we are part of.”

You can read the full article here

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