Talks and Posters | July 2020 - IOM webinar on disinformation

Jane Suiter was invited to present a mock-up of the Provenance tool to the International Organization for Migration (IOM in Ireland on 23 July . The webinar was organised by IOM Ireland together with IOM Media & Communications Division in Geneva. 

It examined the importance of data in the context of misinformation and its impact on the discourse around migration. By drawing on knowledgeable international experts, working in the fields of migration, communications, media, digital and data, this webinar aimed to raise awareness on the importance of how data reporting, media literacy, citizen journalism, research and public engagement plays a large part in protecting populations most at risk whilst countering stigma, racism and xenophobia driven by mis/disinformation.

In her presentation, Jane described Provenance’s work on anti-immigrant disinformation, how the Provenance tool could be used, and invited participants to contribute to a project survey for stakeholders. 

provenance tool 

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