Talks and Posters | Nov 2021 - The 30th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management

The 30th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) hosted virtually from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is an international forum for the presentation of novel research on information, knowledge management, and advances on data and knowledge bases.

The Fourth Workshop On Knowledge-Driven Analytics And Systems Impacting Human Quality Of Life (KDAH-CIKM-2021) was held on Friday 5th of November and focused on technology disruption through knowledge driven intelligent systems.

Dr. Brendan Spillane presented the paper “PROVENANCE: An Intermediary-Free Solution for Digital Content Verification”. It focused on the need for the PROVENANCE plugin given the current information climate and provided a detailed description of the system architecture and technical solutions to the challenging engineering challenges. It also provided a description of the plugin in action and discussed planned evaluations.

Authors: Bilal Yousuf, M. Atif Qureshi, Brendan Spillane, Gary Munnelly, Oisin Carroll, Matthew Runswick, Kirsty Park, Eileen Culloty, Owen Conlan and Jane Suiter.


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