Talks and Posters | Oct 2021 - STOPFARRIGHT Seminar Series

DCU's Eileen Culloty gave an invited talk to the STOPFARRIGHT Seminar Series 1: Misinformation and the Far-Right. She highlighted the work of Provenance and shared insights from the Provenance use case on anti-immigration disinformation. STOPFARRIGHT is an Irish Research Council funded project, led by Barry Cannon of the Department of Sociology at Maynooth University, in association with Crosscare. The project aims to promote discussion and debate between academics and civil society groups on how best to counter-strategise against the growth of the far right in Ireland. As part of its activities, STOPFARRIGHT is holding a series of online seminars with leading Irish and International academics and civil society members working on the theme of resisting the Far Right. We are delighted to announce the first of these seminars on the theme of Far-Right Misinformation.


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